Cecilie Dohlmann Weatherall

Senior Reseacher M.A. (Econ.), M.Sc. in Economics and Ph.D. (Econ.)

About me

I am a researcher at Kraks Fond – Institute for Urban Economic Research. My research interests concern the geography of foreign direct investments, the dynamics of deprived neighborhoods/neighborhood effects, the mobility of the workforce after firm closures.

Field of research

Work in progress

Boje-Kovacs, J. Greve & C.D. Weatherall. 2016. Does changing neighborhood affect mental health? Evidence from a randomized social housing allocation system.

Weatherall C.D., B. Boje-Kovacs & A. Egsgaard. 2016. Once a deprived neighborhood always a deprived neighborhood: A Danish case of intra-migration patterns.

Hansen, H.K., D. Håkonsson & C. D. Weatherall. 2016. Migration to secure future employment – How do business closures affect the geography of the workforce? Submitted.

Weatherall C.D., B. Boje-Kovacs & A. Egsgaard. 2016. Employment and residential mobility in deprived neighborhoods – A Danish case.

Asmussen, C.G., Nielsen, B.B., Weatherall, C.D., & Håkonsson, D. 2017. Foreign direct investment in subnational geographic locations: microlevel analysis in Denmark.

Greve, J. & C.D. Weatherall. 2016. Does higher education reduce body weight? Evidence using a reform of the student grant scheme. Submitted.

Lyk-Jensen, S.V &  C.D. Weatherall 2014. The non-response of veterans with mental health problems.

Weatherall, C.D., A.T. Hansen, S. Nicholson. 2014. Permanently assigned GPs at nursing homes reduce hospitalizations: a controlled trial.

Weatherall, C. D. 2006. Does the last workplace experience influence the risk of becoming long-term unemployed?

Selected publications and working papers

Geerdsen, L. P, Lyk-Jensen, S.V. & C.D. Weatherall (2017) A spike at benefit exhaustion: Still possible after four years of unemployment?,  Empir Econ doi:10.1007/s00181-017-1236-3

Nielsen, B.B., C.G. Asmussen, C.G., & C.D. Weatherall. 2016. The location choice of foreign direct investments: Empirical evidence and methodological challenges, Journal of World Business 52(1).

Lyk-Jensen, S.V, C.D. Weatherall & P. Jepsen (2017) The effect of military deployment on mental health, Economics and Human Biology, 193-208.

Weatherall, C.D. , B. Boje-Kovacs,  A. Egskov-Pedersen & A. Alstrup, 2015: Der mangler empirisk viden om helbredet I de særligt udsatte boligområder, Ugeskr Læger 2015;177:V12140673