Elise Stenholt Sørensen

Researcher M.Sc. in Sociology and Ph.D. Student at Institute for Geoscience and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen

About me

I am a researcher at Kraks Fond – Institute for Urban Economic Research and a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen. I have a Master degree in Sociology from the University of Copenhagen. My research focuses on the location of educational institutions, its consequences for choice of education and moving patterns.

Field of research

Work in progress

Sørensen, E. S. & Holm, A. (2016): Moving to opportunity? The causal effect of choice of secondary education on moving out of non-urban areas.

Hansen, A. T. & Sørensen, E. S. (2016): The location choice of recent graduates.

Sørensen, E.S. & Høst, A. K. (2015): Does distance determine who is in higher education? Working Paper

Selected publications

Sørensen, E.S. & Høst, A. K. 2015. Unges afstand til de videregående uddannelser. Hvor langt har unge i Danmark til en videregående uddannelse? Og er der en sammenhæng mellem afstanden og deres uddannelsesvalg? Kraks Fond Byforskning.