Cecilie Dohlmann Weatherall

Senior Reseacher M.A. (Econ.), M.Sc. in Economics and Ph.D. (Econ.)

About me

I am a senior researcher at Kraks Fond – Institute for Urban Economic Research. My research interests concern the dynamics of neighborhoods and neighborhood effects, the mobility of the workforce after firm closures and the geography of foreign direct investments.

Field of research

Work in progress

Egsgaard-Pedersen, A. & C.D. Weatherall. 2018. Do you move when your partner die?

Geerdsen, L.P., G. Cristensen & C.D. Weatherall. 2017. The effect of placed-based intervention in deprived neighborhoods in Denmark – Evidence from movers and stayers over time.

Lyngemark, D. H., I. Mulalic & C.D. Weatherall. 2017. The geography of foreign direct investment’s spillover effects – Evidence from Denmark.

Boje-Kovacs, B., J. Greve & C.D. Weatherall. 2016. Can a shift of neighborhoods affect mental health? Evidence from a quasi-random allocation of applicants in the public social housing allocation system. submitted

Hansen, H. K., D. Håkonsson & C.D. Weatherall. 2017. Migration and employment after an economic shock: To what extent does geography shape migration patterns?

Lyk-Jensen, S.V &  C.D. Weatherall 2014. The non-response of veterans with mental health problems.


Selected publications and working papers

Greve, J. & C.D. Weatherall. 2016. The impact of higher education on body mass. Forthcoming in Nordic Journal of Health Economics

Asmussen, C.G., Nielsen, B.B., Weatherall, C.D., and Lyngemark, D.H. 2019. Foreign ownership and global city characteristics: unpacking the connectivity of micro-locations. Regional Studies.

Weatherall, C.D., A.T. Hansen, S. Nicholson. 2014. The effect of assigning dedicated general practitioners to nursing homes. Forthcoming in Health Services Research Journal. 

Boje-Kovacs, B., J. Greve & C.D.Weatherall (2018). Can a shift of neighborhoods affect mental health? Evidence from a quasi-random allocation of applicants in the public social housing system. Kraks Fond – Institute for Urban Economic Research, MPRA Paper No. 88929, posted 17 September 2018 09:20 UTC.

Boje-Kovacs, B., J. Greve & C.D.Weatherall (2018). Dine naboer kan påvirke din mentale sundhed. Kraks Fond September 2018.

Geerdsen, L.P., S.V. Lyk-Jensen & C.D. Weatherall (2017). Accelerating the transition to employment at benefit exhaustion: Still possible after four years of unemployment? Empirical Economics, May 2018, Volume 54, Issue 3, pp 1107-1135.

Nielsen, B.B., C.G. Asmussen, C.G., & C.D. Weatherall (2017). The location choice of foreign direct investments: Empirical evidence and methodological challenges. Journal of World Business 52 (2017) 62-82.

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Weatherall, C.D., B.Boje-Kovacs, A. Egsgaard-Pedersen (2016). Et historisk tilbageblik på de særligt udsatte boligområder udpeget i 2014 – Udviklingen i tilflyttere, fraflyttere og fastboende. Kraks Fond November 2016.