Ditte Håkonsson Lyngemark

Researcher M.Sc. in Geography and Geoinformatics and Ph.D. Student at Institute for Geoscience and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen

About me

I am a researcher at Kraks Fond – Institute for Urban Economic Research and a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen. I have a Master’s degree in Geography and Geoinformatics from the University of Copenhagen. My research focuses on the location of firms, foreign direct investments, the geographic distribution of the workforce and migration.

Field of research

Regional development, migration, regional firm structure and workforce geography

Work in progress

Acosta, C. and Lyngemark, D.H. 2018. The Spatial Internal Organization of Firms. Evidence from Denmark.

Lyngemark, D.H., Mulalic, I. and Weatherall, C.D. 2018. The Geography of Foreign Direct Investment’s spillover effects. Evidence from Denmark.

Hansen, H.K., Lyngemark, D. H. and Weatherall, C.D. 2018. Migration and employment after an economic shock: To what extent does geography shape migration patterns?

Selected publications

Asmussen, C.G., Nielsen, B.B., Weatherall, C.D., and Lyngemark, D.H. 2019. Foreign ownership and global city characteristics: unpacking the connectivity of micro-locations. Regional Studies.

Weatherall, C.D. and Håkonsson, D. 2017. Hvem flytter, når lokale arbejdssteder lukker, og mennesker mister deres arbejde? Kraks Fond Byforskning.

Nielsen, B. B., Asmussen, C. G., Weatherall, C.D., Håkonsson, D. and Kjær, T. K. 2016: Udenlandske direkte investeringer i Danmark: Hvad er sammenhængen mellem lokale rammebetingelser og den geografiske placering af udenlandske arbejdssteder? Kraks Fond Byforskning.

Geerdsen, L. P., Håkonsson, D. and Mulalic, I. 2016: What Do We Know About Airbnb in Copenhagen? In Sharing City. A Co-Created Magazine on the Sharing Economy of Cities & Local Communities.