Ismir Mulalic

Senior Fellow M.Sc. in Economics and PhD (Econ)

About me

I am Senior Fellow at Kraks Fond – Institute for Urban Economic Research and Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark. I have a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Copenhagen (2011). My research areas are applied microeconomics and applied microeconometrics, in particular urban economics and transportation economics. My research focuses on both applied and theoretical research problems. Recent research topics include consumer choice behaviour for durables, commuting and workers’ wages, the residence choice decision (residential sorting), car use (rebound effect) and parking policy.

Field of research

Selected publications and working papers

Carra, G., I. Mulalic, M. Fosgerau and M. Barthelemy. 2016. Modelling the relation between income and commuting distance. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, volume 13, issue 119.

De Borger, B., I. Mulalic and J. Rouwendal. 2016. Measuring the rebound effect with micro data. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 79, pp. 1-17.

Gutiérrez-i-Puigarnau, E., I. Mulalic and J.N. van Ommeren. 2016. Do rich households live farther away from their workplaces? The Journal of Economic Geography, 16, pp. 177-201.

Mulalic, I., J.N. van Ommeren and N. Pilegaard. 2014. Wages and commuting: quasi-natural experiments’ evidence from firms that relocate. The Economic Journal, 124, pp. 1086-1105.

Duijn, Mark van, Jan Möhlmann, Ismir Mulalic and Jan Rouwendal. 2016. Sorting models of household location and urban amenities. In Sako Musterd, Marco Bontje and Jan Rouwendal (eds) Skills and Cities, Routledge.