Lars Pico Geerdsen

Executive director M.Sc. in Economics and PhD

About me

I am the director of Kraks Fond – Institute for Urban Economic Research and part time lecturer at University of Copenhagen, Department of Sociology. At the present in interested in labour supply and the effects of labour market programmes and area based programmes. I am also interested in the causes and consequences of moving patterns.

Field of research

Selected publications and working papers

Fallesen, Peter, Lars Pico Geerdsen, Susumu Imai, Torben Tranæs. The effect of active labor market policies on crime: Incapacitation and program effects. Labour Economics, Volume 52, June 2018.

Geerdsen, L.P., Lyk-Jensen, S.V. & Weatherall, C.D. 2017. Accelerating the transition to employment at benefit exhaustion: Still possible after four years of unemployment? Empir Econ. doi:10.1007/s00181-017-1236-3

Christensen, Gunvor and Lars Pico Geerdsen. Har områdebaserede indsatser en effekt på beboernes tilknytning til arbejdsmarkedet? Kraks Fond Byforskning. Marts 2016

Clausen, Johannes K., Lars Pico Geerdsen and Torben Tranæs. 2013. The Motivation Effect of Active Labor Market Policy on Wages. Rockwool Fondens Forskningsenhed and Syddansk Universitetsforlag

Tranæs, Torben and Lars Pico Geerdsen. 2008. Forbryderen og samfundet: Livsvilkår og uformel straf (in English: The Criminel and society: Life conditions and the informal punishment) by Gyldendal

Geerdsen, Lars Pico and Anders Holm. 2007. Duration of UI periods and the perceived threat effect from labour market programmes. Labour Economics, volume 14, issue 3, juni, s. 639-652

Geerdsen, Lars Pico. July 2006. Is there a threat effect of labour market programmes? A study of ALMP in the Danish UI system. I: Economic Journal, volume 116, issue 513, s. 738-750